01 - Diamond Kings
02 - Whitey's Whackers
03 - Bombo Bombers
04 - Otterscrubbers
05 - Kentucky Fire
06 - Northern Eskimos
07 - Alabama Gamblers
08 - Brahma Bulls
09 - Midnight Ramblers
10 - Peistygangstas
11 - New York Shockers
12 - Rogue's Replacements
13 - TBA
14 - The Canyoneros
15 - Michigan Marauders
16 - Toronto Torpedoes
17 - Quartz
18 - Pathetic Bassturds
19 - New York No Name's
20 - Batz Splatz

News (Mar 26)
Ok guys the draft is all done and you are all able to add and drop players or make trades. Just be careful when adding a player because that player may be on the minor league roster of another team and therefore unavailable to you. Also here is a list of players that are not listed in the Yahoo! database that are on the major league roster of a certain team. Once they are added to Yahoo! the team may add that player to their roster but may not add a player while waiting for the player to become available by Yahoo. So if you draft Ron Villone who isn't listed by Yahoo, you are not allowed to add Ruben Rivera to keep his place while you wait for Ron Villone to become available. However, if you want to give up the rights to Ron Villone for example you would be able to add Ruben Rivera. Then anyone is able to add Ron Villone when he becomes available. SO, Here's the list:
Otterscrubbers: Joey Hamilton, Mike Jackson, Adam Hyzdu.
The Canyoneros: Rickey Henderson
New York No Name's: Ron Villone

News (Mar 19)
Well from your responses, most of you guys liked the minor league keepers idea, however a couple didn't. They're arguments were that had they known going into the draft that they would be able to keep a guy like Mark Prior for example, it would have totally changed their draft strategy. I can't argue with that, it makes too much sense. So, we'll hold off on the minor league keepers this year and stay with all the rules we have now so there are no surpsrises. So, you can still keep your minor leaguers, but they will count as part of the 6 you have to keep. After this season we will make the necessary changes to the rules and come up with some sort minor league keeper system and give everyone a fair shake at everything.

News (Mar 18)
Hey guys, today Midnight Ramblers talked to me about an idea he had regarding minor league keepers. He suggested that on top of the 6 keepers we choose at the end of the year,  teams finishing 16-20 could keep all 4 of their minor leaguers, teams 11-15 could keep 3 of their minor leaguers, teams 6-10 could keep 2 minor leaguers, and teams 1-5 could keep one minor leaguer. What this would do is add more importance in drafting minor league players. Also, it allows the weaker teams to more adequatly build for the future and it will be much more intriguing when minor leaguers are involved in trades.

Personally I think this would only make the league more exciting. It would provide more trading at the end of the year and allow struggling teams to hold on to future superstars. So myself and Midnight Ramblers would definetly vote for having this instituted this season, but I'd like to get at least 15 votes from the rest of you guys supporting it, and if you are extremely against it please let me know why, because I can only see good coming from it. Thanks guys.

News (Mar 17)
Just a reminder about minor league players:  Everyone has to draft at least 4 players that qualify as minor leaguers in our league (Hitters: less than 75 AB's, Pitchers: less than 25 IP) to fill the 4-man minor league roster. If you only draft three, then that minor league roster spot will be left vacant for the entire season, and you will not be able to carry an extra major league player. If you draft 5 or more minor leaguers, I will put the last 4 minor leaguers drafted on the minor league roster unless told otherwise by the owner. 
Minor League players that have been draft so far are marked by yellow on the draft results page.

News (Mar 10)
Well the idea of having the draft completed by the 23rd has been pretty much shot down. So, what I can do I guess to speed up the draft a bit is pull the time limit from 8 hours down to 6, and on weekends I think a 4 hour time limit is appropriate. I know guys will be out for more than 4 hours on the weekends, and it is up to you to send me a list. I know also guys don't like to send a list because you want to see what the guys ahead of you picked and make your pick accordingly, but we have to move this thing along or we wont be done by the start of the season. And sending a list shouldn't be a big deal. If you are going to be gone for more than 4 hours, wait until the last possible minute, then send the shortest list possible to pick from. If you are 5 picks away, only send 5 guys. If you are going out for say 8 hours, and you are more than 10 picks away, odds are we might not even get to you so only send a list of 5 or 6 guys just in case. If you are worried about me taking your picks based on your lists dont be. I have my own opinions on players and have been researching for a long time now so the list you give me will have no bearing on how I pick. So guys, I really don't think there is an excuse for missing a deadline. Remember, max of 6 hours during the weekdays, and max of 4 hours on weekends.

News (Mar 5)
I have set a date for when the draft will need to be completed. We will continue on in the manner we are going now until March 23, it's a Sunday, the last Sunday before the start of the baseball season. On that day we will complete all remaining rounds of the draft. Everyone will need to be available that day, unless of course we have finished the draft. If you cannot be available that day, then you'll have to either leave a long list of players ranked in order of who you want me to pick for you. Or else you'll just have to settle for the highest ranked player according to the TSN rankings on Yahoo. By finishing on the 23rd, it will give us a chance to set our lineups and make some trades a whole week leading into the season. I know there are a couple of players that I planned on drafting but got stolen away from me before I could take them so I'd like that week to try and swing a couple deals. However, if we pick up the pace of the draft a bit, we may even finish before then.

News (Feb 28)
The Jackers is gone, so everyone welcome The New York Shockers as our newest manager. Hopefully we have got rid of the dead weight, and now the draft can move along just that much faster!

News (Feb 28)

Kentucky Fire's 6th round pick was Craig Biggio. It was posted in the wrong thread, so after his time limit was up I picked Joe Mays for him.  So, Craig Biggio is off the table and Joe Mays is still on the table.

News (Feb 27)
Ok guys, I e-mailed The Jackers, questioning his commitment to the league. His response:
"I go to school, I have a life, and I'm not here on weekends....might as well replace me"
So replaced he shall be. I have yet to find anyone, so if any of you guys have someone that is interested, have him e-mail me. Until then I will continue to look for a replacement owner. It's a good thing we can get rid of the dead weight before the season begins. Sorry guys, but now at least the draft will go faster, hopefully.

News (Feb 25)
We've had a few little controversies lately. First, The Jackers failed to make his pick within the allotted time. The rule is 8 hours max. for during the day, I actually gave him 17 before I picked Bret Boone for him. I simply went by the next available player in the TSN rankings list on Yahoo. I hope I don't have to do this again. Also, we have had our first manager pick someone who had already been selected by another owner. This time it was brought to my attention before the next guy could pick so he was able to take some else right away. However, if it goes unnoticed then a few picks go by, the owner will be forced to pick someone that has not already been taken by those who picked after him. For example, Keith Foulke was picked with 05.083, however he was already picked by another manager at 04.066. Had this gone unnoticed, and picks went on with 05.084 and so on, the manager who picked with 05.083 would have to pick a player that had not been selected already regardless of the fact that his pick came before the picks at 05.084 and so on.  So, I don't know how or if  you guys keep track of these picks, but it's your responsibility to make sure that player has not been previously selected.

News (Feb  21)

Ok guys, there has been tons of discussion about the draft. Everyone would like it to go alot faster but we can only go as fast as the slowest guy so it's up to everyone to make the draft go more quickly. As far as organization is concerned, I've set up a new, totally seperate, draft board where we can make our picks. We can use the other message board to post any other comments etc.

On the draft board, when it's your pick, go to "Post New Message". Where is says name, put you're team name, then leave the e-mail blank, and put the draft number, followed by the player and name in the subject line. Then just put anything in the text field and hit "Post This Message". I think this will be the most organized way to do it if evryone co-operates. Thanks guys.

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