XFBL - The Constitution


By joining The Extreme Fantasy Baseball League (XFBL) each manager must agree to continue to be active throughout the duration of the season. Gamesmanship and rivalry is encouraged but all managers are to be treated with respect. Any and all of the rules contained in this league constitution are subject to change by the commissioner or by vote of the other managers in the league. Any discrepancies over the rules contained in the constitution will be settled by the best judgment of the commissioner as well as any problems or conflicts that may occur during the season.


1.1. There will be 20 teams in the Extreme Fantasy Baseball League consisting of a mix of American and National league players. Each team will consist of 27 players (18 starters, 5 bench players and 4 minor leaguers).

1.2. A team's roster consists of the following players:
1.3. Roster movements will be able to be made daily on the league's Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Site .

1.4. Waiver and Free Agent pick-ups will be run through the Yahoo! site under Yahoo's rules.


2.1. A 5x5 rotisserie scoring system will be used and the league will be run on Yahoo!

Hitting Categories:
Pitching Categories:
2.2. Pitchers will only have their pitching stats counted and not their batting statistics, and batters will only have their batting statistics counted, not their pitching statistics.

Game/Inning Caps: We will use the Yahoo! standard for all Game and Inning Caps


3.1. Owners will be allowed to keep a maximum of 6 players from their final roster of 28 players at season's end.  These players will be automatically added to the roster of the respective owner at the beginning of the following season.

3.2. Owners are not required to announce their "keepers" until the following year's draft.  If an owner should give up his team after making his keeper selections, the new owner has the right to change the keeper choices prior to the draft.

3.3. No team may submit minor league players as their keepers unless that player has been promoted to the said teams major league roster on the closing day of the season. In other words, if a manager wishes to keep a player on his minor league roster that manager must move the said player to his major league roster on closing day.


4.1.  The leagues draft will be completed in a serpentine (snake-style) format, with an order randomly selected by the commissioner.

4.2. After the inaugural season, the draft will take place in the reverse order of the previous season's final league  standings.

4.3. The draft will consist of 27 total rounds with minor league or major league players eligible to be selected at anytime.

4.4. The draft will take place here on the league website in the league message board. Each manager is responsible for making their pick as quickly as possible. If a manager fails to make his selection within 24 hours of the previous post, the commissioner will be responsible for making that pick for the manager by taking the highest ranked player available by Yahoo! overall rankings. If a manager fails to make more than three picks on time, the league will vote on whether to replace that manager with another manager, or let him play the season under probation and then the league will evaluate that managers status after the season. This is done simply to keep the draft moving in order to have it completed by opening day.


5.1. Each team will have a minor league roster with no more than 4 players. These players will not be on the major league roster so their stats will not count. By carrying a minor league roster, you reserve the right to add these players to your major league roster at any point during the year in which you draft them. You cannot "keep" these players for the following season unless they are on your major league roster on the last day of the season.  All players on minor league rosters at the end of the season will be released back into the draft the following season.

5.2. A player may qualify as a minor leaguer if he has NEVER:
5.3. It is the responsibility of the owner to verify a player's status as a minor league player before the draft.  If any owner drafts a player as a minor league player who is subsequently found to not qualify under the above qualifications, the owner loses the rights to that player for the remainder of the season, unless the player goes un-drafted in the minor league draft and then gets promoted to his major league franchise. Any player, major or minor, going un-drafted, would result in that player becoming a free agent and is available for anyone in the league to claim.

5.4. Once a manager has promoted a minor league player to his major league roster, that player will become ineligible to return to that managers minor league roster. The manager will not be permitted to replace that player on the minor league roster unless that manager trades for a minor leaguer.


6.1. All trades will be impartially reviewed by the commissioner. If the commissioner finds a trade to be significantly suspicious the trade will be subject to a league vote for vetoing.

6.2. The trading deadline will be set for exactly one week following the major league trade deadline.

6.3. Draft picks are eligible to be traded for major or minor league players as well as other draft picks.


7.1. An owner may not transfer ownership of his team in the middle of the baseball season unless approved by a majority vote of the current owners.

7.2. Each owner may only control one team in the league

7.3. An owner may be kicked out of the league following any season with a 14 of 20 majority vote from all other managers.

7.4. An owner must decide by January first of any year if that owner wishes to drop out of the league.

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