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Welcome to Leadership @ Large
Leadership @ Large is a series of leadership training courses based on the book "The Next Leader" by Leadership Coach Michael Spies.
The courses are run in two formats, one being an internet based course run over 10 weeks, All material for this course can be downloaded directly from this site and is sent weekly via a series of emails. Other courses are run in a classroom style environment In Sydney, NSW, Australia, once per calander month.

If God has gifted you to lead, then lead you will. There's no stopping you. More than likely people have already recognised your gift and are lining up to follow you. My passion is to help equip you to become a leader whose life is marked by qualities that ensure a "No regrets" experience for those who choose to follow you. A leader who leaves this world in better shape than he found it.

Do you think that is a stretch?

Think about it. Individuals from your generation will surface as leaders in every field - business, art, politics, economics, math, technology, religion and medicine. those men and women will shape the future in your lifetime. Nobody knows who they are. You might as well throw your hat into the ring by leveraging your gifts and oppertunties for all they're worth.
Embracing the concepts in this course will help you do just that.
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