UPCOMING LINEUP!

PAREJAS INCREIBLES! That's Spanish for our next show lineup and how much of a doozy it's going to be! Everyone on the roster is there... or are they! Maybe this show should be called "Insert ominous music here!" The Rave will be rocking like only a rave can rock as NEXT brings the best independent wrestling in the world to Milwaukee!

Every match is a tag team matchup. Some teams are very familiar with each other, but most have never teamed before. This will be a once in a lifetime unique show that the best fans in the world will truly love.

MESSIAH is one of the top competitors in NEXT and all of NEO International and will team with hot newcomer TYLER LEE to take on nemesis JUSTIN HARPER and his partner for the evening, the ever so hated JOHNNY DETSON! There is a lot of talent in the ring... and ego. How much can one ring take?!

BRIAN FISHER is no stranger to success. JOHNNY F'N MALIBU even moreso, the Wisconsin State Champion teaming with Fisher against the debuting LUKE "THE LOOK" ROBINSON and the ever so, so, so dangerous HANTU PENYARDIN!

TEAM DANGER will be in the house as Tyrone Walker, fresh off a tour of Japan and ready to go back, teams with long time partner Eric Dane against the oddball and colorful team of ELVIS SUNDAY and the four hundred pound plus eating machine ONE TON WAKAI! Walker and Sunday are Trinity X Champions together in Dream Fujin. How will this affect this match or will Wakai simply squish every before we can find out?

MATT CORWIN is one of _the_ most dominant men on the roster. His growing fan base cannot be happy with his team mate, STEVE GREEDY but they will have to get right behind _both_ men love or hate because they got a helluva task ahead of them... ESSENTIAL COLLECTION DELUXE! Who woulda thought Rockwell LeMaster and The Great DAVE would make such a formidable tandem. Then again, with the pairings this show, who knows who else could come out of the show with a new ally!
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