We Gotta Start Somewhere!
Milwaukee's "The Rave" would never be the same after NEXT's auspicious debut.  Headlined by an exciting Aaron Anderson versus Jaiden Andrews match up, the show was but a taste of things to come!

Second Chance
The debut of Johnny Malibu!  Battle Royal!  Plus Tobias Chapel Smith and Bucky Blutarski put on a bloodbath over the Northeastern Jisatsu Title!
Christmas at Ground Zero
The legend of Tobias Chapel grows plus Team Andrews takes on Team Malibu in a thrilling elimination match!
Party like It's 2006
Eric Dane becomes a star in one night, taking on Ran Jishu in a match you do NOT want to miss.  Plus... time bombs!
Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
One match.  One epic, star making, jaw dropping, eye openingmatch you will go out of your way to see.
The Champ is Here
Talk about big time!  Johnny Malibu brings home the gold!  Elvis Sunday and Hantu Penyardin kill each other!  The first shots are fired in the Team Danger vs Essential Collection DX War AND Matt Corwin takes on Tobias Chapel Smith in a shocker!
Bring Your Own Mic Night
Johnny Malibu defends his Wisconsin State Title against Messiah... but can he survive?  Johnny Detson becomes even more hated and there are debuts galore! 
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