The Team

The Team


The team that have helped me get to where i am today are, Gerwyn Reynolds, Paul Reynolds, Charles Reynolds and Peter Richards with the aid of Kickstart motorcycles and Road 2 Race.

Gerwyn Reynolds

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My dad, the person who first got me into motorbikes, and then motorbike racing. He is a motorbike fanatic and loves every aspect of them, and has passed that passion down to me. And has always supported everything that i have wanted to do, espically with my racing carrer.

Paul Reynolds

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My uncle, he is the owner of Kickstart Motorcycles and has been one the biggest aids to me in trying to get started in my racing carrer. Due to him being a motorbike dealer and one of the best machanics in Britain, he has supplied me with the bike that i will be racing with.

Charles Reynolds

Charles is my cuson, who is also a motorbike racer, he has raced, 125,250, 600, and 1000cc bikes. With the aid of him i can learn more about racing a bike, and ask him for advice, becuase of his racing expericance. Also he is good at setting up motorbikes ready for racing, so agaiin with the aid of Charles i can be more competative.

Lewis Reynolds

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Lewis (me), im the new racer. Thanks to the help of the rest of the team, i have the chance to race. I have bike experiance as i drive a bike, but racing is a bit diffrent to riding on a road. But with the help of the team, i should enjoy my racing experiance and hopefully can go a long way with it.

Peter Richards

Peter Richards has been the missing peice to the puzzle for me in starting to race motorbikes, becuase with out him being the owner of Road 2 Race and only being 5 mintues away, i wouldnt have the chance to have a place to store the bike and some one who can help me mantain the bike during the racing season.

The Team

And together these three people have been the only reason that i have been given the chance to fulfill my childhood dream. And i hope that i can continue to race with the backing of them, and hope that i do them proud in my racing carrer.

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