The begining of my carrer as a road racer

My childhood fanatacy of becoming a motorbike rider has been my biggest dream since i first watched moto gp, and saw Max Biaggi winning his 250cc championship. At that moment it sparked, i knew i wanted to be a motorbike racer.

I have always had a link to the racing world and had a chance to race, due to my uncle Paul, who is a bike dealer and is one of the best machanics in the UK. But due to the distance between my uncle and i, (wales and south england) it was close to impossible.

But now due to a new motorbike store (Road 2 Race),close to where i live, it has been made possible. Road 2 Race is run by a young motorbike racer, who has offered to help me with looking after the race bike, and teach me more about becoming a better racer.

09/04/2004 - I have a bike that is waiting to be stripped and set up for racing, a racing club that is ready, and a licence that is ready to be sent once i have completed a ACU training course.

The Bike

The Team



The Club



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