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Directional Buttons

In Menu: moves the cursor.
In Map:
moves the character. (Press B to make the character move two times the normal speed.)
In Deck Editor:
Up/ Down: Scrolls up/down the card  list 
** (Press R to scroll by 50 in your bag, and by 10 in your deck.
- Right: In Bag Mode, moves cards in your bag to your deck.
- Left: In Bag Mode, moves cards in your deck to your bag.

A Button
In Menu: Selects what you have highlighted.
In Map
: Speaks to the person directly in front of you. If there is a [], then press A again.
In Duel
: Selects the card you have highlighted.
B Button
In Menu: Cancel what you have selected. Also returns you to the screen before. This works in Deck Editor as well.
L Button
In your bag, it usually shows each creatures' attack/defense points. But, when you press L, it shows the creatures' type. Press it again to make it show the creatures' cost. Press it one more time to make it show nothing. Then if you press it one more time, then the creatures' attack/defense points are shown again.
R Button
In Map Mode: Challenge the person directly in front of you to a duel.
*NOTE* Not all challengers will accept.

In Duel: Shows the opponent's hand.
*NOTE* Not what cards he/she has, but how many he/she has.

Start/Select Buttons

In Deck Editor: Changes order of cards. The order goes:
- Number
- Name
- Attack Points
- Defense Points
- Type
- Category
- Number of Cards
- Cost
- Star (Level)

*NOTE* Select just makes the order go backward.

In Map: Shows the menu.


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