JoeyMars and Corvus the Crow!
JoeyMars born in New York City June 17, 1952 and left at the age of nine and moved to Florida with parents. He gradurated at John I leonard High School and attended P.B.J.C. Comunity College to study Math. He became interested in Science and physics .He became interested in music and song writing in the early 60's when introduced to his most admired British group The Rolling Stones and others. Joey is a extremly strong and unique song writer. He has found his style of writing he likes best. He likes to write cute and charming songs best because he says that these bring the most meaningfull beauty out of music. He uses every scientic principle to  inhance the realism and strives to give the listener a realistic adventure as though they were in the whelm of the song. He has a high understanding of music theory in which he learned from reading books. He uses these elements thoughly to perfect the finished product. Joey has lived in florida most of his life and once in Greenville South Carolina for two years working at Al's TV as a Television Tech repairman. He has worked as a appliance tech up to 1986.He attended Jin Chung college in Lake Worth Fla. to study  health and fitness and oriental philosophy..
Sister Usha and Divine Sisters
The Golden Dove
The ol' Saloon
What's in my trunk?
The search for Captain Thomas
Great  Mother
oil painting

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Spirital teacher Sister Usha
teacher of "Female Divinity"
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Performing in the parking lot at Joey's old work place .
Lovely Goddess Barbara Abernathy
teaches  how to run  and maintain,   a  "Female led Reationships!" For ladies who want to make the rules!
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This book is execellent....JoeyMars
Admired  Women
A few  more of Joey's admired respected people!
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Let us all  honor and hold respect for Great Mother England and the very charming British People.  Greatly talented in the arts, highly loyal and who has given  us some of the best artist and musicians in the world ...JoeyMars
A few of joey's favorite American Actors and Comedians
Mr. Gorberchev  I adimire for being a very friendly man and a great leader..I hope the best for the USSR to succeed and prosper.. Lovely Prime Minister Margret Thatcher..Thank you Mother England! Where would we be with out you?
The Rolling Stones
Any British groups maily the 60-70's
The Four Seasons
The beach Boys
Four Tops
Most of the Oldies and today's
Aldult alternative  and some  types of pop
Easy Listening
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