The Wizard
A long long time ago, There was a little boy name JoeyMars who ran away into the forest alone in the wilderness to escape from the wars and  to search for something that he truly loved and wanted to become. All the animals had become acustomed to him and gathered around him often.Joey cared for and healed the sick and wounded animals.One day  his friend a  little new york black crow named Corvus, flew up to him and  acted very strangely as if he wanted Joey to follow him. Corvus led Joey  into a cave where he saw a imagecast shadow on the wall. It was an image of an od man and with some writing below it  that read, "I've been waiting for you my boy and I want you to become me"." My time is up and you must carry on my legend as the Great Wizard and care for all the children too as you have proven honable to me by taking care and healing my animals of the forest". Joey had realized that he had met his dream This is what he came into the forest for, is to become the one thing he wanted most in life and that is to become a Wizard of song making.. He handed Joey his magic cane and the book of Wisom as Joey could feel the sparks of energy enter into his body nevered experienced by mortal humans but only with a selected few..The shadow image of the old man wizard fell into little Joeys arms as the old Wizard lossed his powerful energy transfered into Joey.
Joey was touched so deeply by this worn out Honable Wizard with tears of sadness fell from Joeys eyes as  The old Wizard faded away slowly  into the English forest  and never to return again a great legened was he!
Joey stood with sadness as he watch the old Wizard slip away into eternity. Joey knew that he has a mission to forfill and he went back into the forest and when the  day in the future he will return  with an awsome song "The Wizard" a tool for all  to heal themselves when in need of help and comforting through the magic of this  song coming out of this magic forest.

The Song
Long ago where the trees grew tall, deep in the forest where all the leaves could fall.

I remember when the skies were blue, the time of year when my life was new.

I saw the man he was standing there, mystic clouds were everywhere.

He's got the magic and he knows of truth, through his wisdom, he's got his youth.

* He became a Wizard and he really knows, that the little children love him so...

I saw his image I had seen before, in a cave upon the wall.Joey slurs the word "wall" intentionally to make it sound like "Then came the war" to give it an English  country side and castles days of our Great Mother England in early times.The entire song is Joeys attempt to make it sound as British as possible. Joey born an American, loves the British people and highly respects all of England and Great Britain!He says "If there is any other culture than the British that is more inspiring, talented, and charming he will be highly surprised!"

when you're lonely sad and down,  when the wizard comes around,
He'll lift you up like the yellow sunshine, he's got rainbows on his mind.

Song written by JoeyMars and pet Corvus the crow who sings a little part of his own in the song.

date when song Wizard was first written 1986 by JoeyMars and remade 2006 for the internet with the  new verse * added was suggested by pet Corvus!

Joey and Corvus invites everyone to come here  again  ocassionaly for new updates on Joeys and Corvus's music!
Joey and Corvus is thinking  about having  more pages like this one for some of their other songs. A new page story with images. for each song. Its hard to determin when this will be available because Joey and Corvus is very busy with recording. Far as we know RighteousVille is being considered next for a story page here on Joeys site.
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