My name is Lonie Keever, and with Spirit as my guide, will share a testimony of how a merciful God, knowing the heart of all people, being the great searcher into the depths of the heart, seeing good in us that we don�t see, will be longsuffering, giving us time to plan eternity.

My mother, like so many people traveling through this world, believed that whenever her time came to cross over to the other side, had no doubts as to where she would go. Many years she suffered with her health, spending many days in the hospital. This time though, the situation was bad. The doctors notified the family that there was little hope of a recovery. This being on a Friday night, the family gathered.

Numerous ministers arrived to pray for her. I, like my husband, are quite acquainted with the look of death. Lost and undone without knowing Christ at that time, we did believe that God could heal her if He wanted to.  

Praise be unto  a merciful God, a miracle working God, the prayers of many of God�s children, mother was home with the family come Monday morning. Praise God. This Mighty God wanted my husband and I to use this day to tell others of His Glory.

Shortly thereafter, my husband and I accepted Christ as our Savior. Mother�s health began to deteriorate after a few months. Believing in prayer and fasting, God placed a burden upon my heart to take mom to a healing and deliverance service at the church we attend, the Day of Deliverance Revival Center, Johnson City, TN, Pastor Dewey Ward.

Pushing her in, with her wheelchair and oxygen tank, I wanted to get her close to the front of the sanctuary. The pastor approached her and asks if she was saved. Her reply; �I think so�. Pastor Ward led her through the sinner�s prayer. The presence of the Spirit was overwhelming. You could see the Spirit all over my mother.

Mom said; �I was wheeled in here in a wheelchair, but by the strength of God, I am going to walk out�. Being blessed with her presence for approximately two more years. As so many, mom had a lot of unforgiveness within her, many hurts, buried deep. The last week of her life, God placed it upon my heart to take my Bible and read Matt. Chapter 6 to her on forgiving others. Leading me to explain that she must forgive in order to be forgiven.

Shortly thereafter, I ask her if she had forgiven those who hurt her and she said yes. Yes, because I want to be with Jesus. She stated she knew she would not be going home to her family again from the hospital. My time has come to leave this world now. At 2am that same Thursday, angels carried mom into the presence of Christ to her new home.

Concluding, isn�t it wonderful that this Mighty God looks into the depths of the heart and looks past what we see, and seeing the good and desire to serve Christ within us, will be longsuffering and knock upon our hearts door.

                                REVELATION 3:20���

                         Sister Lonie Keever, Evangelist
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