Here are pictures of my cruiser at various stages:


It has about 5 inches of lift from 2.5" man-a-fre springs, shackle reversal and raised rear shackles, and a little body lift. A stock 350 with a quadrajet replaced the F motor. The rear springs are moved back 3" to make room for a TH 350, 3 speed t/c, and a NP203 gear reduction box. I'm using the vacuum linkage for my four-wheel drive and dual levers for my t/c high-low and the NP203. It has a '78 front and rear end w/ disks up front. A GM master cylinder and booster provide the power. I now run 35X12.50-15 Goodyear MT/R's on 15X8 aluminum wheels. I am using a Howe aluminum radiator with a Edelbrock Victor water pump and a steel mechanical fan for cooling.

This is the cruiser soon after I bought it in 1991. At this point it had been sandblasted, primered, and the buckets were added.

Brauc finishing body work:

Here is the custom box we built behind the seats. It also served to replace the small spots of rust in the rear wheelwell:


Post-body work:

This shows the rhino-lining that extends up over the dash:

Here is the spare tire/gas can carrier I found: Carrier

Saginaw PS conversion

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