This homepage is the gateway to some of the writing I have done since 1975. Check back. I keep adding more writing to the site as time passes. Also see [] and follow links included there.

[ Please Email ] me any comments you may have. I learn from reading both praise and criticism. Share either/both with me.

MY COLUMNS are reflections about topics that appeal to me in a personal way. My ARTICLES are divided into the following categories:


Articles in categories listed below have not been downloaded yet. They will gradually be added to each category as time permits. Check back.

PROFILES A peek into the lives of interesting people doing interesting things in an interesting way.
FEATURES A broad mix of stories that piqued and held my interest for a variety of reasons.
GROUPS People often get together and do things that are noteworthy, creating stories that deserve to be told.
GOVERNMENT / POLITICS The elected few (and those seeking to be) influence how life is lived because of the rules, laws and policies they create, enforce, and ask us to support.
MISCELLANEOUS The articles that do not fit elsewhere.

My pen : a mighty sword
That lays bare heart and soul
For all to plainly see
Both blood and spirit : me.


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