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Warren (Newsy) is back on the radio. We are pleased to announce that Warren Domke has joined the news staff of KBUC, FM 95.7 at Jourdanton and Pleasanton, Texas, as a reporter and public affairs interviewer. See the KBUC radio web site at http://www.kbuc.com/ for more information.

"Life has its ups and downs..."



(Newsnose was born April 26, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois, but grew up in Montrose, Colorado and Grants, New Mexico. He is a graduate of New Mexico State University. (http://www.nmsu.edu/))

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Titanic afficianados (and afficianadas) are you a player of Titanic...Adventure out of Time?. This CD-ROM computer game provides an awesome look at Titanic, the Ship of Dreams. Check it out at the link below:

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More Titanic stuff!!

Newsy's Titanic site.
The Girl at the Rail...


In Memoriam:

The Final Voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald

On November 10, 1975, the 729-foot freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald was hauling a heavy load of taconite (small iron ore pellets) from Superior, Wisconsin to Detroit, Michigan when she was caught in a severe storm that churned up 27- to 30-foot waves with a following sea.

Trying to find protection from heavy seas in the more protected lee waters of the Canadian shore, Captain Ernest McSorley selected a northerly alternate route across Lake Superior as he steered toward Whitefish Bay.

The ship's two radar systems failed and, in a rare occurrence, the back-up generator for the Whitefish Point signals failed to turn on when electrical power was knocked out by the storm.

Eventually the light was restored, but the radio beacon remained inoperable. At 7:25 p.m., Captain Jesse Cooper of the Arthur M. Anderson, which was following 8 to 10 miles behind the Fitzgerald and offering navigational assistance, lost the Fitzgerald's image on his radar screen less than 15 minutes after his last radio contact with Captain McSorley.

Although McSorley had earlier reported a list (tilt to one side) and loss of a fence rail and two vents, his last transmission to Cooper at 7:10 was, "We're holding our own."

The ship, with its load of iron ore and crew of 29 men, sank to the bottom of Lake Superior where it now rests, broken in two with bow upright and stern upside down.

(Now, whenever you hear Gordon Lightfoot's haunting ballad,"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" you will know there really was such a ship, and the ballad is a true story.)


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A long time ago they used to say "Movies are better than ever." Some of them are. Most are a little bit of a disappointment, however.

It isn't enough to keep Newsy away. Newsy goes to a lot of movies. Some of them good, and some not so good. So this feature highlights movies worth watching and especially film personalities worth watching.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes)Remember The Titans, This is a football movie for people who don't necessarily like football. The Titans are a high school football team in a school which has been integrated in 1971, where young men (and young women) suddenly find themselves confronted by young people of a different color. Denzel Washington plays the new head coach, who is forced to deal with professional jealousy as well as racism as he leads his team to a championship--and to social maturity. Outstanding.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes)The Perfect Storm, A screen adaptation of the book by Sebastian Junger, and a dramatization of a true story of men and machines versus nature. Worth seeing--exceptional special effects.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) The Patriot, A new Mel Gibson movie, a spectacular epic about things that are worth fighting for.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Gladiator, ...action, adventure and recognizable heroes and villains. Worth at least three stars, rated "R" because of violence.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Shanghai Noon, starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. "The classic western gets a kick in the pants." A surprisingly good spoof on just about every martial arts and western stereotype, but which one is the straight man? Try it. You will probably like it.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) The Haunting, A movie version of the novel, "The Haunting of Hill House." Good. Another vehicle for Catherine Zeta-Jones, and another credit for Owen Wilson as well. Special effects are amazing, but falls a bit short in the suspense area. Still fun and worth seeing.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) The Sixth Sense, starring Bruce Willis...simply superb. See it.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) The Green mile, starring Tom Hanks...written by Stephen King. One of 1999's best movies.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (enjoy her in The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment and The Haunting)

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Entrapment,a movie for fans of Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Star Wars First Episode - The Phantom Menace This is the official web site for the newest and oldest episode!!

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Miss Congeniality Starring the incomparable Sandra Bullock in a fun action comedy which was largely filmed in San Antonio. Some critics loved it--some hated it. Uh, Newsy and family liked it.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Pearl Harbor Well, what can Newsy say that hasn't already been said? It was expensive, spectacular. I give it high marks for special effects, somewhat lower marks for historical accuracy--but still well worth seeing. See it because it depicts an event all Americans NEED to remember. Uhhh, okay, it's a romantic movie, too. That means the girls will like it at least as much as the guys. There were veterans of the Pearl Harbor attack that thought this was pretty realistic. Make it noisy enough and blow up a lot of things and it will be realistic. As I said, it's worth seeing.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Tora! Tora! Tora! Now, let's look at a movie about the Pearl Harbor attack that is a little truer to history. This 1970 masterpiece still holds up very well, and--remarkably--has a web site. Which one is better--Pearl Harbor or Tora! Tora! Tora!? See both. Make up your own mind.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon A martial arts film that turns out to be an artistic masterpiece. See it for the Asian splendor, for the special effects and for the gifts to sight and sound that come from a superb musical score and spectacular settings.

whiteball.gif (1666 bytes) Rush Hour and Rush Hour II, starring Jackie Chan and . Two very funny, sort of raunchy and not-to-be taken seriously action comedies. Jackie Chan emerges as a truly talented, very athletic star. His able and funny co-star is Chris Tucker.


Hail to the Chief!!

George W. Bush
The 43rd President of the United States

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Texas House of Representatives, Austin, Texas

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Texas Government Web Site
Mexico On-Line Web Site

Kelly AFB Public Site

This web site is primarily links.... Check out my news links below:

Newsy's News Summary and Hot Links!!

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Magnificent Behemoth.

The unique XC-99 transport rotates prior to takeoff as it is test flown prior to beginning a career as a one-of-a-kind cargo airlifter from 1947 to 1957. The XC-99 remains at Kelly AFB."

Far East Network

A legend...a true broadcast legend, and Newsy was once a part of it. Well, if you can't have talent, good looks or money, a unique experience certainly has some value.

Far East Network Wakkanai

Yes, it really did exist, and Newsy really was once a part of it.



...your NEWS!!!


Newsy STILL Loves His San Antonio Spurs!!!

The Spurs were the 1999 National Basketball Association Champions, after making their first ever trip to the NBA finals.

They were unable to repeat. The 2000 season saw the champions injury-riddled but still fighting hard. In four games, the Spurs were beaten by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of playoffs. In 2001 it was the Lakers that proved the nemesis of the Spurs.

What about 2002? Definitely a contender in the West, the Spurs have had their ups and downs. "Twin Towers" David Robinson and Tim Duncan continue to dominate the Spurs' offensive game.

Newsy is a little biased, but considers the Spurs to easily be a Top 5 team, and expected the Silver and Black to be in the playoffs in 2002, and hopefully to progress beyond the first round.

Newsy salutes all Texas teams, whether they be high school, college or pros. God Bless Texas!!

Go SPURS, GO! (Can the Silver and Black repeat?) "

Love 'Em or Hate 'Em, they are the One and Only Dallas Cowboys!! "

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Josh's Home Page "Pokemaniac2000"


I like music and musicians and think you might like Luke Samuel Cox, a Canadian with a gift for making the kind of music I like. So here is a link to his website.

"Meet Luke Samuel Cox"

Of course, We still feature a link to CDNow, a source of recordings from all kinds of musical artists, including Country and Western. Check it out. The good links are at the bottom of this page. Newsy will appreciate the business, as will the vendor.

Bookworms need not feel slighted. Newsnose buys his discounted books from Amazon, and hopes you will check out his latest link to Amazon.com for all book titles. Help the cause. Newsy appreciates the business.

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