Santa Fe- This could be the most misuderstood SUV on the market-Is it a guys car? The wifes car? I do know this- go test drive one, and you will make it YOU CAR!! This compact SUV is a blast to drive, and whether you gat the 2.7L V6 or the 3.5 V6 you will not be disapointed. I traded a 2001 F-150 in for my Pewter Santy, and have not looked back once. This SUV handles really well, and gets great mileage too. I have the 2.7L and I get around 22-24 on the highway, and 17-20 in the city. There is enough room for 2 adults to sit comfortably in the back. The ride is "sporty, but not harsh, My model (LX) I have the leather heated seats, and power everything. All for 1000's less than anyone else. The quality and fit and finish is top notch. Hyundai beats the major auto makers hands down. There are so many places to go to get great aftermarket parts. TFR, for one has some of the coolest parts you can find- anywhere. There are many discussion groups on the net, but the best by far is The Sants Fe Fourm. If you a5re thinking about a Santy- Go there- we have over 2500 registered users, and you are going to be hard pressed to find any major issue with these SUV's. When you go there- look at the left side of the page, and you will see some of our members pages- take a look there and see what can be done- Also go to the stores and see what's going on. I have already started on my Santy to make it my own, and as time goes on- I will add the changes to the site.
SO much has happened to the Santy in the past year- It has been "modded in several areas, from the inside to the outside- This Santy has endured MANY severe storms here in Texas as my main vehicle in Storm chasing The whole time I have averaged around 20MPG, and have had only 3 warranty items done- The front end bushing replaced, The EGR re-programmed, and the headlights replaced. All of my work has been done here in Killeen at Automax. They have been really great in making sure my Santy is well taken care of. I usually do not endorse a dealership, but these folks make sure the car is done right the 1st time. And they always make sure the car is cleaned and ready for me when they promise it. You can not ask more than that
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2003 Santy wins Best Value at Mudfest 2003 Read about it here
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