Historical Treasure Chest

The students in our 8th grades social studies class will be learning about primary and secondary sources in this project.  They will be going to primary sources dealing with maps, diaries, journals and documents from the American Colonization and Revolutionary War time period.  From these they will draw conclusions about what life was like for the people of that time period.  Following this they will be given an opportunity to check their conclusions in secondary sources. 

This project is found at the Historical Treasure Chest Page. We are using a different time period then the original project. The different resources needed to complete this project will be found on the RESOURCE PAGE connected with this page.



When this project is completed the students will be able to:

   Define and use primary and secondary sources and give examples of each.

   Draw conclusions from the primary sources about the time period.

    Use secondary sources to see if their conclusions are correct.


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