Student Instructions
1.  Go to the Historical Treasure Chest Page and click on: Do the Activity!

2.  Work on Part 1: Primary and Secondary Sources

3.  Read the first paragraph of Part 2: Treasures for classroom use.
4. Now this is where our project will differ.

5. You will not go to Inside the chest.  Instead you will use the resource page, linked on this page, to help you find a picture, a map, a letter and a journal entry.

6. From the Resources Page you will find many sources where these items can be found.  You will need to search these web pages and find a picture, a map, a letter and a journal entry from the American Colonization Time Period or the American Revolutionary Time Period.

7. Then with your partner you will examine these resources and answer a set of questions about them.

8. Following this you will get together with your group and compare the different items you found and what conclusions you have come to about these treasures.

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