Newport: A Fairy Tale of Sorts

"This story is kind of a 'Gone with the wind' meets 'Pulp fiction.' Oh, then I starting thinking 'Hamlet.' After I got over that gyration I put myself through, it simply became Neil Thomas' wild tale. A must read for all thinking human beings and those who love to be entertained."
Natalie Bausett
Author of 'Socialite Express'

"The real story of the O.C." "All fiction is true. I am going to come right out and say it. It all happened sometime, someplace, somewhere. Non-fiction, that's where the quality B.S. comes from nowadays. 'A Million Little Pieces' - Need I say more? But fiction is all true and the worst offenders are these nasty little fairy tales. They're the truest of them all. In fact I think fairy tales where invented so that authors would not have to defend their positions on the issues they write of. 'Hey it's only a fairy tale get over it.' - That kind of brush off. Fairy tale writers are sneaky bastards, they always tell the truth."
Theodore Wilson Thomas
Professor of Literature

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