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News: (2-28-02)no one fucking comes to our site anymore. therefore i(steve) am posting news and shit.After 4 months on not playing together. cry or die hardcore has returned to make sort of a fresh start. we have no clue what is going on really. we just started rocking out together last week. so the only show i have to say will be certain is atleast REUNION show. we arnt even sure when it will happen. or if there will be more then one. but we found that we enjoy each other company. also i wanted to post the lyrics to the 2 songs that will be on the longmeade comp. that is comming out whenever. maybe i can get trevor to post mp3's up. my limited html skills keeps me at this news page at the moment. so anyway, we may be recording again, we may not, you may expect new songs, and you may not. who fucking knows. its all up in the air. so i guess this is sort of an anouncement saying. YO we are back together. CRY or DIE. ~steve (November 4th 2001)If you wern't at the show last night you missed one of the most disatrious, stressful, fun, eventful, crazy, nights ever. First i just want to thank everyone who came out. everyone who didn't break nabeens house. and most of all i want to than nabeens mom for dealing with all the kids in her house. thank you very much. I would like to say fuck you to the people at the community center. yet again I experience discrimination from people. we didn;t do anything wrong at the community center.Yet we were kicked out. that is fucked up. but we reacted strong. moved our stuff to nabeens as fast as we could. and found ourselves in a more closed and intimate enviroment. All the bands that played last night,The Defiant,drown under stars, our burning skies, belief in promises( i screamed 2 sets in a row)and as much as anyone, I want to thank you in being a part of our history last night. the final nail in the coufin. that was the best show we have ever played. and that was becuase everyone in the house made it that way. Its sad too say farwell and its really sad that i dont have that moment on tape. but for those who were there including me it will be a night i contain in my heart. all the images I will remmeber. the sounds of people screaming with us. thank you. I will cherish it forever. I'd hate to speak for everyone else in my band but i think they would agree with me. that that will be a night etched in stone that we will all remember till the day we lay our heads.thankyou 3HOUR TOUR/VANZETTI 27/TIME OUT OF LINE 1998-2001 ~Steve

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