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MUD'ing : I have three favorite muds. The one I like most are   New Moon , Sword of Qalleon , and Dawn. If you want to check them out, just click at the names above.  I'm mostly at Dawn these days.
Magic: the Gathering:  This is one of my favorite card game. To visit wizards page click on Magic: the Gathering.
My character(s) on New Moon:
Wareye: He's a warrior--in the Ranger Guild. If you want to see his skills and status click on his name.
My character(s) on Sword of Qalleon:
Lodoss: He's a warrior--in the Warrior Guild.
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These are links to few New Moon players: Clicks on the name to go to their site.
Warrax: in League guild; a Warrior
New Moon'ers:
He has list of forge-able items and skills listed.
Host: eclipse.cs.pdx.edu
Port: 7680
Host: mud.keetek.com
Port: 4000
Skills & Commands
Below Guilds are for New Moon MUD
If some of these informations are not accurate--please let me know by mudmail what's the correct skill level.

If you want to go to the command/spells site click in the guild(s) below
***For New Moon's creator(s), checking this webpage and think that any information(s) here need taken off, email me.***
Knight (Drac.)
This site contains a lot of information about New Moon in general overall.  Useful site for beginner and information.
aralissia: in the Temple guild. She have lots of maps and infos about New Moon. Also, infos on Damara's guild.
FYI: All my links pages are best viewed with I.E. 5.0+ (and latest Netscape version.)
Just so you know. All my links pages are best viewed with I.E. 5.0+ (and latest Netscape version).
Updates on I.E click here.
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For Dawn:  Host:  dawn.eos.net
                 Port:   3000
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