Mage: Academy, College, Sect

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Spells:				Skills:		        Amount/Guild:

Abjure m.s.abj.dis 220-Academy Ice Shards m.s.e.water 100-College Icestorm m.s.e.water 90-College Dagger of Frost m.s.alt.obj 90-College? Dimensional Blinks 175-book Fireball 125-College Firestorm 250-College Flame Blade m.s.alt.obj 90-Academy Join Teleport m.s.alt.liv 350-Academy Lightning Strike 90-Academy LightningStorm 400-book Magic Portal m.s.alt.imm 300-Academy Mindlink 80-Academy Mis. Cloud m.s.b.occ 350-sect Monster SummonI 30-Academy Monster SummonII 75-Academy Multi-Teleport m.s.alt.liv 150?-Academy Mystic Gate m.s.alt.imm 200-book Paralyzation m.s.b.occ 100-Sect Powerwork Kill m.s.b.deathmagic 450-Sect Scry 100-Academy Silence m.s.b.occ 150-Sect Soul Depletion m.s.b.occ 250-Sect Spear of Darkness m.s.b.death 250-Sect Summon Hero m.s.alt.liv 325-350-Academy Superior Teleport m.s.alt.liv 300-Academy Teleport m.s.alt.liv 90-Academy Titan Skin m.s.alt.liv 250-Academy Tendril of Oblivion m.s.b.occ 300-350-book

Notes: All mages can learn each other spells. The guilds listed beside the skills can only be learned from that guild's Teacher/Master. Red spellbook is a very good resources, it let you keep spells you know from your guild in it and you can ask whoever from the other two guilds to write it onto it, too. Note that you cannot write down spell(s) you know, because you are not of that guild. Explore the world of New Moon, because there are books and/or quest(s) out there that have spells which are not taught to you by guild masters.
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