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Charity teaching a single mother, Alima (Moslem) in the techniques of high speed typing.  Alima was working towards becoming a receptionist.


The day started with the students keen to complete their assignments and move to other jobs.


Evans teaching Excel to a student to enable her enter transactions and balance her accounts in business


As night falls motivational talks are given to unskilled youth who are waiting to be helped to acquire skills of their choice


Students outside classroom



The New Life Foundation was born from a desire to reach out to the poor and under-privileged in our community and help the younger ones acquire marketable skills and become self-supportive. It has the main aim of giving economic liberation to the under-privileged.

James & Charity Agbeblewu started adopting young men and women and helping them until they become well equipped to live on their own since 1972. Listed below are some people who benefited from our program:


1.       Miss Magdalene (deceased) at age 24 years after we registered her at a dressmaking class which she attended for six months. She was a slave to a fetish woman until we adopted her. She had stayed with us for two years.

2.       Miss Patience Zotor (39 years) had a mental disability and was economically handicapped. We helped resettle her she is now in petty trading business. She is a single mother with two children, twins - a girl and a boy. Stayed with us for eight years.

3.       Mr. Thompson Amewu - (42 years).  Completed his degree course at the Winneba University. Married with three children. He was pushed by economic hardships to engage in organizing youth in evil dances etc., leading to drug abuse until we adopted him. He stayed with us for 15 years, when we helped him go through pupil teaching, 4 years teacher training and university education.

4.       Mr. Blessing Gbewonyo - (35 years). Currently working as a private businessman. Married with two child. He suffered neglect by his father thus needed help. He stayed with us for 7 years when we helped him attend Accra Polytechnic Institute to study Plant Engineering. He was employed for 4 years by Shell Ghana Limited and later went into private transportation business.

5.       Mrs. Clarrisa Vanboven (Maiden name was Dabroi) Born by a Ghanaian lady to an Italian construction worker who left Ghana soon after her birth, and never been heard of. She is now (35 years). Currently a professional caterer/dress designer. Married with two children. She and her husband have just come to settle in the US through the US visa Lottery process.  She was pushed by economic hardships into immoral life until we adopted her, in 1988. She stayed with us for 9 years going through vocational training, apprenticeships and professional training until married 8 years ago.

6.       Mr. Dennis Gamli (34 years) Currently beginning farming project. He converted from idol worship to the Christian faith and needed help to resettle him. He has been staying with us for 8 years, still under our care until he is properly resettled in his farming venture. Has been trained in trading businesses and farming techniques.  

7.       Miss Sandra Sogni (20 years). Completed Senior Secondary School. She lost both parents very early in life during an ethnic conflict in Northern Ghana. She needed someone to support her go through school. She stayed with us for 3 years when we saw her through her Junior Secondary School education.  

8.       Miss Juliet Abaya (11 years). Still in school. She stayed with us for 2 years when her guardians could not cope with her education demands. Her mother had left for Nigeria and could not be traced. We had to return her to the current guardians because we were finding it financially difficult to meet her school fees, now that we are retired.

9.       Miss Mawuse Zotor (27 years). Now at a Teacher Training College  Had stayed with us for 4 years. Both parents are poor and could not help her go through senior secondary school. We helped her attend Senior Secondary School and because she did not have good grades needed to repeat the final examinations two more times to be able to make it.

10.     Mr. Mawuli Afrim (25 years). Still staying with us for the past 4 years. Both parents are very poor peasant farmers. We helped him complete an apprenticeship in woodcarving and wood designing. He has just again completed another apprenticeship in Plaster Of Paris (POP) ceiling designing.   He is yet to set up a workshop for himself.  He designs carved doors and other carvings and designs ceilings.

We had over the years been able to support these young ones from our own resources. We have now retired and are trying to work on our own to support our biological family.  We still have our last two  children in the University.  We however hope that, given the needed support we would be able to carry on the good work.

We have been able to put up two small rooms, which are used for training purposes. We however have enough land to put up a two-floor building of six rooms, which would be used for the Project.


We have a long list of young men and women who, at the prime of the lives are finding it very difficult to cope with life. Most of them are school dropouts who could easily be trained in skills of their own choice, to enable them become self-sufficient.

With the long experience we have had over 30 years in this type of ministry and the resulting outcome, which encourages us that we can help alleviate poverty from our community, we trust that God would bring someone our way, who we can cooperate with to achieve excellent results.

1.       We hope to acquire equipment like computers and accessories. Charity who had been in Administrative/Secretarial Consultancy would be able to train people in various computer courses.

2.       Two young men, Evans Akafia and Eddie Osafo have committed themselves  to help the Project by giving tutorship in computer literacy, hardware, networking software programs and data entering.

3.       Mr. Thompson Amewu, our adopted son, who completed his degree course and is teaching, has willingly accepted to be part of the program with his 12 years teaching experience.

4.       Many workshop owners, including our adopted daughter Clarissa Dabroi and Ms. Beatrice Vordzogbe have willingly accepted to cooperate with the program

A three-year maximum training would be able to equip anyone to become self-employed or continue education in a tertiary institution.


Please Click on Link Below to View our Current Proposal

Proposal for Skills Training Program

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