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Still and Know (March 2003)
"...when we become fully, deeply present--as we begin to recognize our true selves and look God in the eye--we get the rug pulled out from under us.  It's not a bad thing, although we have a low tolerance for discomfort.  Getting shaken up is just evidence of our rising up.  If our feet stayed firmly planted on the rug of our conventional understanding, our feet would never leave the ground..." READ MORE

Doctor! It Hurts When I Do This... (January 2003)
"...GLBT people who put on the Shirt of Flame are conscious of the selfish component of our work-that we desire the cessation of our own suffering and the development of our inner capacity for genuine, long-lasting happiness (and what could be wrong with that?).  At the same time, without deep compassion for self and others, and for the natural world, we cannot behave in ways that develop communion, trust and understanding: true Power." READ MORE

The Near Enemy (August/September 2002)
"Being a member of an oppressed group in this day and age is no longer as isolating or unique an experience as it once was.  Today when we look around ourselves we are able to see just how much everyone is suffering.  The heterosexual, middle class, white American male claims his immobilizing pain just like our Third World Arab Lesbian sister or our Black, inner city gang member on the down-low brother.  Just like me.  Just like you..." READ MORE

Pray for Our Enemies (January 2002)
"...Our sisters and brothers around the country (and around the world) are working very hard to block anti-queer movements and violence by using traditional activism--voter education and registration, lobbying, speaking out, increasing queer visibility, writing letters to the editor and so on.  The work they are doing is indispensable.  At the same time, whether or not you and I are directly involved in that work, we can help arrange the ground for queer victory by unleashing our “Power Tool”--Prayer..." READ MORE

Fear Divides and Love Joins (September 2001)
"...Frequently in our struggle for full, unequivocal legal and ecclesiastical equality, we demonize and distance ourselves from those with whom we disagree. Like any abused creature, we growl and bark at, and occasionally bite, the one who hurt us in the past. We can even see how we directly `make' our own enemies, giving them power and influence just by virtue of our defensive reaction to their anti-gay activities..." READ MORE

Gandhi Meditation 1 (2001)
"...LGBT people, at this very time in history, are being hunted in Africa.  While we in the West enjoy much more subtle forms of discrimination, they are arrested, tortured and killed by agents of their governments.  This is seen both as morally virtuous, based on their maladaptive, imported Christian faith..." READ MORE

Gandhi Meditation 2 (2001)
"They say that genius is the ability to hold two diametrically opposed thoughts in your mind at the same time.  While this may be possible, it is not always desirable..." READ MORE

Gandhi Meditation 3 (2001)
"...we want ourselves and others to be happy, to live fully and enjoy living.  The experience and perpetuation of scarcity, violence, separation and death-centered-living necessarily implies suffering.  To relieve such suffering wherever we find it, then, becomes the sacred work of Love, the instrument of Joy, the demonstration of Truth..." READ MORE

Rilke Meditation 1 (2001)
" Imagine the beautiful future possible for all of us.  Imagine a world of unlocked doors, sufficiency, kindness, freedom, creativity and fearlessness.  We are called to make this ideal real, for our sakes in the striving and for the sake of our children, and our children’s children..."

Rilke Meditation 2 (2001)
"...It is easy to reject when rejected, as so many of us were rejected by our faith communities.  So easy to run too far the other way in our thinking, as if the error of authority figures invalidates our own spiritual existence.  Running the other way, many of us fell, not really into pleaure, but joy..." READ MORE

Rilke Meditation 3 (2001)
"When we return our awareness to our spirit, it may feel like a betrayal of our pain.  If we were hurt by our faith leaders or communities, or driven from our means of communing with Spirit in the name of God, we may find it difficult to transfer our attention from working through “couples therapy” with the god of our childhood..."

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