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Ian’s greatest claim to fame is that he accepted Jesus Christ as his saviour and longs for others to know this truth. At the same time he will rarely make an overt approach to others about his faith but believes that being open to the opportunities presented when an openning is made by others is the preferred method. So if you are interested in discussung how Jesus as your Lord and Saviour can enhance your life, give him a call or e-mail.

Ian attended Oatley Public School from 1955~1962, Then Hurstville Boy’s High School 1963~1966. Completed a pre-employment course in Graphic Arts (Printing) at Sydney TAFE and started as an Apprentice to Electrical Trades (Avionics) with tbe Bendix Corporation 1967~1971 and Electrical Trades at St,George TAFE 1967~1970 and Radio Trades at Sydney TAFE 1971~1973.and completed numerous internal and external courses at TAFE and Sydney University

On 1966 Ian joined Kogarah Municipal Civil Defence and State Emergency Services as a volunteer and completed Induction (Jack Thompson) Light Rescue (Ron Singe) and Signals Operator (Bill Jolly) Courses.
In 1968 he was asked to become Deputy Signals Officer to Bill Jolly and in 1971 was asked to accept the role of Signals Officer. In 1974 he was appointed Staff Officer Operations (making him the youngest SOOPS in the history of the organisation at that time. Then in 1984 with the retirement of Jack Thompson as Controller, Ian took on the role of Deputy Controller and stepped down from this position in 2000. In 2002 Ian resigned from carring out an active role in the organisation after over 35 years of service to the Kogarah Community. In 2002 Ian received a second bar to his National Australia Medal for service.

Back to 1971 - Ian completed his apprenticeship and as an Electrician Special Class he redesigned the production facilities of IRH Components at Kingsgrove, In 1972 he joined Qantas as an Electrical Fitter Operator at their computer facility in Sydney and was part of this team (as a tradesman and supervisor) until Qantas sold the property and the attached Office Tower in 1983. Ian stayed on at the building as Building Controller and was a founding member of the Engineering Division of Colliers International Property Consultants.

In 1978 he met Christine on April 15, they became formally engaged on June 10 and were married on August 26 of that year. I thought at the time that she was the most important thing in my life (only latter did I realise that there was something more important even than this). Paul was born on March 16 1980 and Alex March 4 1982. Then Trevor and Myles on December 28 1986. As I was on 24/7 rotating shiftwork, there was a bit of disruption to family life and while this was acceptable (if not enjoyable) while the children were young - once they started school it started to become unacceptable.

In 1989 Ian joined Mirvac as their Building Services Manager and was involved in the project operation and maintenance areas of this diverse property portfolio. He had also been very involved in energy management with Colliers and was involved in providing solutions which dramatically reduced the portfolio energy usage. This included over 20 Commercial Office blocks, 5 shopping centres, 8 hotels including the Marriott, Quay West, Sebel Town House, etc.

In 1991 Ian was involved in the engineering and operations oversite for both the Airport Central development and the Westfield Miranda extension.

In 1992 Ian became an Engineering Manager with State Superannuation Investment and Management Corporation and provided engineering and maintenance oversite of a number of CBD and Sydney buildings. With the sale of State Super to Deutsche Bank in 1997, Ian was offered the role of Assoc.Director with First Pacific Davies including the role as State Manager FPD-Protech. Ian used his development of performance based service agreements to good use and at the time FPD-Protech had a superb “Help Desk” to keep track of contractor activities and costs at sites. This allowed tracking for any repeatative faults etc. and proved to be such a great tool that I would be lothe to operate without “help desk” support (this has been since disassembled within FPD and Ian has since formed an alliance with another provider who has enhanced further the assistance and assurance side of the help desk).
On July 1,1998 NDIBS was formed (after a restructure at FPD), first as a vehicle to enable payment for my services and then as a fully fleged stand alone business.

Ian was a Founding Member of tha Australian Institute of Emergency Services. He joined the Institute of Plant Engineers of Australasia in 1983 and in 1993 was requested to take on a much more active role as Secretary for the NSW Division. In 1995 he had the multiple role of Vice President and Registrar of the Division as well as National Representative with Standards Australia (Technical Committee ME/62/5 and he has continued with Standards until the present day). Then in 1997 was the Division President and 1999 became the Vice President of both the NSW and National Executive.    Due to a mix of reasons the NSW Division of the IPEA ceased to function actively, with many members joining the Society of Building Services Engineers and where Ian became the NSW Chapter Vice Chairman....... SBSE (which is a Society of the Institute of Engineers of Australia and also under the umbrella of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers). SBSE and CIBSE have combined at committee level in NSW and have many functions planned throughout 2003 and beyond, for members. Ian is an Affiliate member with CIBSE and also in a member of another of IEAust’s Societies - the Society of Fire Safety.

Ian became what was thought of as a Christian at the age of 9 - He made a committment to God and was involved in his Local Church as a chiorboy/soloist, band, youth leader, etc. but always with the firm belief that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Saviour. This didn’t stop him from taking part in some pretty wild things during his teen years. When he married Chris he honestly stated that she was second only to God in his life.... Gradually he stopped regularly attending Church and other Church activities - then in 1990 a friend manipulated Chris and Ian into going on the local Houseparty and during one of the sessions Ian was asked to come forward and describe the most important thing in his life - Ian came out and described how Christine had become the most important thing in his life and only afterward did the truth of that statement hit home. That night Ian recommitted himself to his Lord and Saviour and has restored himself to an active role within his local Church and a devotion to enhancing the ministry to men and family relationships.

Do you love your spouse more than your God? Do you love your children more than your spouse? If yes to either you’re not working to the plan or your potential.

Contact Ian - e-mail [email protected]





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