Support and membership in COSA New Zealand Inc.

COSA gives personal support and guidance, if asked, to a person who, we have reason to believe, has been falsely accused of a sex allegation.

If you are a person in New Zealand falsely accused of a sex allegation and would like help, you can contact COSA preferably well in advance of any court action if applicable, for support. See our web page Case work of COSA for more details.

Persons not themselves falsely accused but who are supporters of someone falsely accused are also offered support in COSA.

Cases are accepted through a distributed system when the following applies:

We encourage people who are falsely accused in sex allegations and who approach us for support, and their supporters, to become members of COSA New Zealand Inc.

Membership forms are available at our meetings. For other enquiries please see contact details on our home page Affected by false sex allegations or, if relevant, on our page Case work of COSA.


Membership of COSA New Zealand is by subscription.

Membership gives you, and family members, if applicable, access to the activities of the society. You will be able to be part of the network of people who have experienced the impact of false sex allegations on them or a member of their family or someone they know, someone who has been through something similar to you.

By joining COSA, you will be in a registered incorporated society of New Zealand.

Members have access to our library, receive personal notification of meetings and a periodical newsletter, have voting rights at meetings, and can stand for office. Positions are filled by a process of nomination, seconding, and popular election at each Annual General Meeting held in May each year.

Benefits of Membership

Membership is of value to

Individual and family subscription rate



Send your cheque for subscription renewal, each year (the financial year ends in March) to:

The Treasurer, COSA New Zealand Inc., 2A Clearbrook St, Christchurch 8005


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