Case work of COSA New Zealand Inc.

COSA New Zealand will arrange with people who contact it to listen to their story at length.

A person who is falsely accused of a sex allegation and wants someone to talk to or be there and think things through especially where they are facing impending court action is the sort of person that COSA New Zealand is here for, to help.

Contact with COSA New Zealand for cases can be made as follows:

Chairman for 2002-2003: Don Hudson (03) 388 2173

Christchurch contact: Wallace (03) 341 1272

You should contact COSA New Zealand by telephone in the first instance (possibly after emailing with us - at COSA New Zealand Inc. - this translates automatically to our email address, which is [email protected] ).

Citizens Advice Bureau offices throughout New Zealand, and the Fair Centre (associated with the children's organisation 'Barnardos' ), are aware of COSA. You should be able to obtain one of our pamphlets there. The pamphlets contain further contact details for people in different parts of New Zealand.

The COSA New Zealand person contacted will discuss the case with the caller where possible and make some arrangement about what to do. This may involve contacting another member of COSA New Zealand such as the Chairperson or another committee member. Action such as to arrange a first meeting can be taken quite quickly.

Once the case becomes accepted by COSA New Zealand your requests will be responded to with the personal support that we are able to provide you with. We are not able to assist people financially. We may be able to suggest a lawyer if you want us to.

The Chairperson, committee members, and other members of COSA New Zealand make arrangements amongst themselves for assistance to be provided to the person asking.

The Chairperson, committee members, or other appropriate members of COSA New Zealand, as delegated case workers, can be contacted frequently or not, when help is needed.

The work of responding to calls for help can be time consuming, but we will do our best.

The person at the centre of the case sometimes has private supporters and COSA New Zealand people will assist and interact with them to help provide a cohesive support system.

Once the case is established, specific requests for help can be requested as needed.

For court appearances in Christchurch, COSA New Zealand will do its best to provide one or more people to support you.


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