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Welcome to New Brick City!

New Brick City is a New York-style LEGO metropolis located in my home and on my computer.

This site is under construction due to a "revamping stage" to the city and this website. The 'finished' website will be both a place to showcase my own creations (MOCs) and will also have sections on tips and tricks for building with LEGO.

I hope you enjoy the site and the city!

What's new?
  • Well, it's October. On the 26th Geocities will be closing. Haven't had time to find a new home but I'll still be adding to Brickshelf. For a look at what the NBPD site would have looked like, click here. Hope you enjoyed what's here and I will be back some day with a better site. By then I should have plenty of content to add including things that are already in the works. Had a good run for 5 years on here. All good things must come to an end. I was just hoping this wouldn't be one of them. So long and see you all around.
  • Posted an 8-wide Seagrave Marauder II engine on the Vehicles page. Like the tower ladder, this has been in the works for a bit as my attention was divided with other projects. Also the Geocities closing date has been set to October 26th. Still haven't decided on the next site.
  • Added my custom parts to the Other page under Miscellaneous at the bottom. Mainly "stickers" or modified parts with "stickers". More will be added as I make them.
  • Posted an 8-wide Seagrave 75 foot Aerialscope tower ladder on the Vehicles page. This has been in the works for a bit as my attention was divided with other projects.
  • 2 things. First, the Legopolitan Transit Authority page is up and running. More will be added eventually. Second, Geocities will be closing down later this year. Yahoo! wants more money and is taking it away because they don't care. I have no idea where I will go then, it will definitely not be Yahoo! hosted. But that is later this year.
  • Posted a 6-wide Chevy Impala police car for the NBPD on the Vehicles page. Also changed the thumbnails to the 1st pic of the Brickshelf album for the Impala and RTS buses. Trying out a different look.
  • Added Light and Trash Things to the Other page. The logo pics are MLCAD screenshots that were Photoshopped a little bit.
  • Playing with the site a little more. Just trying some ideas.
  • Posted a 8-wide RTS bus for the LTA on the Vehicles page.
  • Some of the things I want to post are taking a little longer than expected but enjoy one of my favorite LED using builders who recently came up with something REALLY interesting. Check it out here. Not too long from now the NBPD, LTA, and some vehicles will be going up.

    On the drawing board
  • NJT Comet V rail car (75%)
  • 8-wide DSNB Garbage Truck (75%)
  • 8-wide Seagrave Marauder II pumper ~coming soon!
  • NBPD Crown Victoria (90%)
  • Large warehouse/industrial facade (99%)
  • R142 subway cars (80%)

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