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Geez, I already know you can steal my stuff.

(7/13/01) DOWNLOAD CHIPS CHALLENGE HERE **** --------------> Download Here <-------------**** DOWNLOAD CHIPS CHALLENGE HERE {steve}

(2/18/02) Wanna see what ive been up to? i made a cheap, low quality flash movie that im gonna try and put on here. tell me if you like it (guestbook).FLASH MOVIE

(1.20.03) well well, im sorry about the lack of posts on this site, yet again :-p. But i kinda stopped checkin it. Anyways, i apologize for the inconvience many of you have had due to the downloading problems. Here is the explanation: The link i used to have on my site to download chips was a link to a site that is NOT mine. I simply created a link to someone elses site who had chips available for download. That site had so much traffic coming to it from this site (since you all made it so popular :-D..thank you)and it had to move itself to a bigger place so it could handle all of the traffic (people on the site). The problems you may have encountered were from that new site. However, the link that is currently on the site is to the correct place where you should be able to download chips. Sorry for the problems! As always, if you have any problems im me at the name above, however, please know that im not on 24/7 and i am not always at my computer when i am on, so please be patient with me! thanks! ~ steve-o

(1.20.03) By the way, as far as I know, there is no Chips Challenge 2, and there won't be one. Im sorry for the false hype about a chips 2, but the creator never made one. His name is Chuck Somerville, you can send him hatemail. ...steve-o

(7.11.07) Wow, it's been a while. Four and a half years and a lot of things have changed. My apologies to anyone who still comes to this site and sees that it hasn't been updated in forever and the link to download didn't work. Well a little cleanup and research, and there is a new link for anyone who still wants this awesome game. You can still get at me through the message board if you need anything. Thanks again to everyone! -steve-o

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