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Why to use a fixed solar racks when you can simply track the array with a NEW & SMART SOLAR TRACKER SYSTEM.

I have a new solar tracker device (System); if anyone interested to invest, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is very cheap compared with the most precise and/or effective computer controlling systems in the world. Maintenance is negligible, due to the accurate design criteria.

It could be used in heating, air conditioning, water distillation, sanitary/sewage systems, scientific researches, and/or to generate electric power starting from 5 KWE up to (more than) 300 MW depending on type of application and number of units.

This new device is very smart tracker, no need for site information or database, no need for experts, and no need for any type of software licensing.

No need to talk about the tracker, it can tell about itself when it becomes installed at your home.

No one can compete the SMART TRACKER, the design criteria is very simple, very smart and assure everyone high performance in every aspect without any risk.


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