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My name is Scott, and i guess im what passes for the new webmaster, i am new at the webmaster gig, But i came here a few weeks ago after being gone for so long, and found New Jedi dying.
So with your help i hope to breathe new life into this board that i have spent so many fun hours on in the past.
Death only leads to rebirth

~ Scott Bodenhamer, Webmaster

Welcome to New Jedi
This is a Star Wars online RPG set around 50 years after the Battle of Endor as chronicled in The Return of the Jedi
Jedi master Luke Skywalker, who has been dead for roughly ten years, ended his legacy by bringing back the order of the Jedi.
His apprentices have now train students of their own, and so on.
The Jedi order's numbers are now nearing 300 strong, and the council is once again located at the Jedi Citadel on Coruscant.
But all is not well. The Sith, the ancient order of Dark Jedi, has come into the limelight, revealing themselves and wreaking havoc.
The New Empire, or NEMP, has come out in full force. Consisting of Chiss and Ssi-Ruuk forces they had proven themselves a terrible threat to the peace the New Republic has wrought.
Rogue Jedi have also sprung up, accusing the council of cowardess, causing much upheaval within the order itself.

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New Jedi RolePlaying Board

New Jedi is a separate timeline, independant of all post-Trilogy writings.
Using, instead, aspects of many of the stories,
amalgamating them to make an original timeline, unique to this game.

We are not, in any way, affiliated with the New Jedi Order© books by
R.A. Salvatore, Michael A. Stackpole, James Luceno, Kathy Tyers, and Gregory Keyes.

Days till Episode III comes out!

New Jedi was started by Ethan Gyles in August of 1999


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