The Lab

This is my labratory where all of my web experitments are tested.
Watch your step, you never know what might be in the room with you.
If you like any of my experiments feel free to email me
I will send you the html codes :) I am a scientist who loves recognition.

The gorgeous little girl above in the photo cube is my daughter
Cute isn't she!!! I like this Applet because it is really great
for showing off pictures, the code is really easy any one can do
it, but the coolest thing of all is that if you click on any of
the pictures it will take you to a different page :)

Right now I am working on page alignment with background that
are only on one side. How does it look so far?

OK! That looks pretty good so far! Now let me try the fascinating
Scrolling Marquee... Ok stand back! Here goes nothing...

It's Alive......It's Alive.....Hey this is pretty cool!!.... Thank you for visiting my lab :) :) :p.....

So what do you think of The Scrolling Ticker below? My sister
showed me that one. Pretty neat huh!!
Would you like to see a countdown to the year 2000. This one you'll like!!
Just click below and it will take you to it.

Countdown to the Millinium

More experements will be coming soon :) Keep a watch out!!

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