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The Virtual Series
Welcome to the virtual series of Doctor Who
Doctor Who was a BBC TV Sci-Fi series that ran for 26 years from 1963 - 1989 with a brief TV Movie comeback in 1996.

Our adventures begin where season 26 (1989) left off, leading upto the TV Movie (1996) and then beyond.

The Legend Continues
Recap On The Original TV Series
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Season 29-21 Season 21-23 Season 24-26
TV Movie
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Many of you may be aware that this website has been online for nearly 3 years, and still there is no sign of any adventures.

This is due to commitments that I no longer have.
Therefore, with much more time on my hands, I am ready to Rock 'n' Roll!

Please consider becoming a writer for the series so we can finally get the Virtual Series into the vortex.

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The Virtual Series
Season 27
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7th Doctor
Season 27
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