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Welcome to CWA-Canada
Updated: April 22, 2004

Sections Updated:

- Updated: April 26nd- Show Card

Recent Sections Updated:

- Sorry its up so late but Sunday Slaughter is up! Check it out.

-New Management

-BREAKING NEWS: Icon becomes new CWA champ at Destined For Greatness and Mobius becomes new Vice Pres.

-The CWA is now hiring in several staff positions. Please click HERE, or the Staff Application Link on the left of the page for the listings and application form.

- Stu Pendouse, Justin Pain and J Thunder have signed with the CWA

-The CWA has Released superstars Madogg, and Bane Hammersmash, and Adrian Tanner from their contracts.


CWA: Sunday Slaughter
April, 22 2004
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fosters Arena

[TV Title]
Mizzery vs. Silent Assasin vs. Conquor

[Handicap Match]
Mack vs. Juan Fernandez and a Mystery Partner

[Platinum Title]
Dade Valens vs. Chris Chaos

[TV Title No.1 Spot]
Pebbles vs. J-Thunder


[OTC Challenge]
CWA Superstars

Icon/Heaven and Hell vs. Vice Grippes/Collosal Connection

Email President Icon
[email protected]