Q.  How can a person keep their computer operating smooth and efficient?

A.  Follow these ten easy tips and you will have a computer that operates smooth and efficient. 
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Q.  How can a person get the Print Scrn/SysRq button to work and what is it for?

Click here to get the information about this button.
Q.  How does a person restart Windows without rebooting?

A.  If you ever need to restart Windows, but do not need to go through the bother of rebooting the entire computer, here's what you can do.  To restart Windows do the following steps:
      1.  In the Start Menu, click Shutdown.
      2.  Check Restart.
      3.  As you click OK, hold down the Shift key.
      4.  Continue holding down the Shift key until you see the words, "Windows is now restarting."
*  Note - This does not work with Windows ME.
Q.  If a person's computer reboots instead of shutting down, what may be the problem?

A.  The Microsoft System Configuration utility (type msconfig in the run box) includes an option to disable Fast Shutdown.  If this option is unchecked in Windows 98 Second Edition, your system may reboot instead of shutting down.  to resolve this issue, change the FastReboot value data from 1 to 0 in the following registry key ( type regedit in the run box,
WARNING - If you are not experienced in using the registry editor you should have someone that does know to perform this operation.): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Shutdown
NOTE:  When you apply the Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement, which addresses shutdown issues, the Disable Fast Shutdown option is no longer listed on the Advanced tab in Msconfig.
Q.  Is there a way a person can configure the Virtual Memory in Windows?

Click here on some tips on optimizing and configuring Virtual Memory.
Q.  I was upgrading my McAfee virus scan and now my computer will not get into Windows.  It always locks up.  Is there anyway that this can be fixed?

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Q.  Is there anyway I can get more memory to run programs on my computer?

A.  Click on this link:
More Memory to find a way to increase memory.
Q.  Is there a way I can increase and decrease font sizes in Internet Explorer?

A.  I fyou have a wheel mouse (or scroll mouse) and use Internet Explorer, you can have some fun with your fonts.  By twirling that mouse wheel you can change Internet Explorer's font size.
1.  Open Internet Explorer.
2.  Press Ctrl and hold it.
3.  Move the wheel forward for larger font size and backward for smaller font size.
Q.  How can a person stop thier ISP from disconnecting them from the internet?

A.  If you find that your dial-up often disconnects when you leave your PC, try changing the idle time.  Here's how:
1.  In the Start menu, open Settings/Control Panel.
2.  Press Internet or Internet Options.
3.  Click the Connection tab.
4.  Press the Setting button.
5.  Press Advanced.
6.  Uncheck the box next to "disconnect if idle for (blank) minutes."

Your ISP shouldn't disconnect you again without your permission.  The only way this will not work is if your ISP is doing the disconnecting.  Many ISPs will boot you off for an idle connection whether you want them to or not.
Q: How to back up the Registry?

A:  For Win 98 & ME... 1. Click Start /Run and type in "regedit" (no quotes).  2. Next, click the Registry menu, Export Registry File... 3. Select a location from the resulting box and give your backup registry a name. You can use: Regbackup (date).  That's it! All backed up.
For XP users... 1. Click Start /Run and type in "regedit" (no quotes).  2. Next, click the File menu then Export.  3. Select a location from the resulting box and give your backup registry a name. Something like: Regbackup (date)
Just a quick note: by default, Windows backs up the registry when you shut down your machine. The above is probably best used for those who like to tinker with registry settings.  To restore the registry you just backed up...First, if Windows gets an error when loading your registry, it will automatically revert to its backup, so it should never give you any kind of trouble loading.  But what do you do if you've been playing around in your registry and have *really* messed stuff up?  Click the Registry menu (in the Registry Editor) and select Import Registry. Then just point the computer to your back up file.  One more thing. You can also add the registry to your regular backup routine . Your registry is in two hidden files called "User.dat" and "System.dat", located in the Windows folder. Just add those two files to your normal backup.
Q: When I start typing in an e-mail address, it automatically fills in the rest. Is there a way to make it stop doing this?

A: On one hand, autocompletes can be a big time saver, but on the other, they can be annoying. If you would rather type in the address yourself or select it from your address book, here's what you do: In Outlook Express, go to Tools/Options and select the Send tab. Uncheck "Automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing."   No more auto-completion of addresses!
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