You've discovered a legacy button which carried over from the dumb terminal days of mainframe networks. Devoid of any processing capabilities, a dumb terminal is an output device that allowed a user to connect and work off a mainframe computer network. Print Scrn/SysRq, Scroll Lock, and Pause/Break are all buttons that allowed a mainframe user, and DOS users later on, to easily navigate through many lines of text. But, these buttons are of little importance to Windows users today. The Print Scrn button won't allow you to send whatever is displayed on the screen directly to the printer. This can be rather misleading to new users of a computer. Instead, you must capture a screen shot and open up another program in order to print what is being displayed in the monitor. To capture a screen shot: Hold down ALT + Print Scrn.
Open up Word or MS Photo Editor.
Now hold down CTRL + V.
You just pasted a screen shot.
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