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All ad information is public and can be seen at all times.  We are not responsible for misrepresented, faulty or fraudulent products or activity.  All information is that of the person who lists it.  We reserve the right to remove and edit any ad. We do not act as a middleman or mediator in a dispute.  We are only a posting site. Please bring any inappropriate ad to our attention. Copyright 2003-2004
Nevol Online is an online bulletin board for new and used textbooks. We allow U.L. students to post their ads free of charge. Their ads are then seen by other students who are looking to buy textbooks for a fair price. This service allows students to take out the middleman (bookstores) and save money! Our postings are always changing so be sure to check our listings often. Thank you for using Nevol Online!
How To Sell
First click the "Sell Your Books" icon on the left side of this page. Fill out the fields with the proper information. (You can post as many ads as you would like, although multiple ads for the same book will not increase the odds of selling your book and all duplicate ads will be deleted.) Once you are finished filling out the information, click the "Sell My Book" button at the bottom of the page. Your ad has just been listed in our database. You can view your ad by clicking the "Buy Textbooks" Icon on the home page. You will be contacted through the contact information listed in your ad when a student is interested in your textbook. Be sure that you note the condition of your book and the methods of payment you are willing to accept. Congradulations! You have just sold your textbook for Free!!
How To Buy
First click the "Buy Textbooks" icon on the left of this page. Then move through the ads to find the book(s) that you desire. Once you have found the book(s) you would like to buy, contact that person through the contact information listed in the ad. Then agree on a place to trade books for cash. Or if you would like to have the funds transferred directly into the buyer's checking account from your credit card, try PayPal. Congradulations! You have just bought a textbook for a fraction of the bookstore price.
Once your book has sold, come back to Nevol Online and fill out the "Remove Your Ad" form. Your ad will then be removed in a timely manner. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.
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