Character Of The Month
Foamy, of course!!!
Mxpx new album PANIC is comig out  on JUNE 7 yay i cant wait ive already heard l just about over half the cd its gonna be a good one.
Video Of The Month
Swing Life Away
No pic. available sorry
One of the greatest songs Ive heard well so far anyway
School is almost out here. June 2nd yay! I cant wait Im starting to get sick of school I hate doing school work, but i guess everyone would agree. well maybe.
This Month's Quote "comeupins"
started by kojima who saw it on this movie but i dont know the movie
This Month's Picture
Drawn in paint by me and tj i liked the whole tree with the face effect. yes.
Game of the month shall be....
Such an awesome squirrel, no im not obsessed with squirrels! ^!^
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