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    My name is Jaren Nakaoka,I'm pretty much your basic "Teenager" (so the typical adult would say), Don't you just hate that? "oh he's a teenager this is exactly how he is, he's just like any other teenager", anyway, I like to have fun but at the same time i enjoy some time alone with my guitar. I'm pretty shy when i first meet people but i start to open up after a while but all around I,m still pretty shy. I'm not known to do all my homework which i think is my downfall when it comes to school.

I like music alot, I think without music I wouldn't be able to function. I pretty much like all music but i dont like rap, can't stand it to me its like you've heard one rap song you've heard am all, and I'm a little lenient on country. Just give me a song with good lyrics and ill like it. Well enough of me search through my site and please enjoy. ^ ^
Best Drink Ever ^.^
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