The 2001 Player Of The Year
His name is Pierre Lafontaine and he is the 2001 Player of the Year.  Yes, I know he doesn't look like much but he macks like no mack can.  He weilds the "Love Side" of the force without falling into it's eadly embrace like a master black smith with his tools.  This guy just desn't care.  He breaks Player rules and continues to mack strong.  He has married 14 different women and cleaned out all their bank accounts. This guy is beyond cold blooded.  He has changed the game forever.  His reign of tyranny spans over 3 decades. 

If anyone wants to dethrone Lafontaine then you had better come solid.  He lurks in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, International Head Quarters of the Playettes.  Playettes beware of Pierre!!  This guy means business.
The Playah!!!!!!
Now as you might have already guessed, the player of last year was Bill Clinton. Quite simply Bill is the man. He has sex with so many women he needed his secretary to keep track of them for him. Another reason why he won hands down is because he gets the women to come into his office so he can take care of business while he's 'taking care of business', younawmean? (said like Will Smith). The only knocks Bill has against him is that he gave his girls money (US$850,000 to Paula Jones) and got married breaking Player commandments 9 and 10.

Now, as you might have guessed. The Player Hater of All-Time is this geek Ken Starr. This is such a player hater that he actually get paids for it. He really has his phD. (Player Hating Degree) Feel free to hit, spit on or assault this man when you see him, he is on the IPA (International Players Association) hit list.
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