Being a player is no simple task. It is a full-time job and can not be done my most men. For all those aspiring to be players read on, or shall I say Play On! If you are really lazy and/or a child of the '90's then just watch the movie. Be warned however that the movie cuts a lot of corners and you will not possess Real Player knowledge when it is over.

To be a Real Player you must first have the Player Possessions, and then follow the Player Protocol (which includes understanding the Player Prose) and most important of all never break the 10 Player Commandments. Once you have done this then you can start to send in suggestions or even send me pages to upload.

So go forth my young players and may the Mojo be with you. However I must warn you of the Love Side. Stay away from it's tempting lures.  It may be able to attract any women you desire however it feeds on your emotions and when it takes over you will lose control of your actions.

If you are concerned about women finding out our player secrets don't worry about it.  Most women believe this page is made by losers who can't get women or they are totally disgusted by now and have left the site.  Yes, we can always depend on the cocky stupidity of the common woman.

How to walk the walk
The shit you flaunt to get what you want
How to talk the talk Learn aboot the tricks of our trade.
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