The Day The World Went Away
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4/b th3 T

24 February 2005//:so yeah, it's been a while...time for an update. Last week, i waged war w/ the school. woot woot. waram ich?!!? this always happens. i'll do fine, and then something happens and it's just drama drama. So this year's drama...Mr. Pennell stood up in the front of my latin and pretty much said i was a bad person simply for telling someone to shut up, and stfu. he's exact words: "mary, you've changed. you were that quiet little christian girl that sat on this side of my room and got excited when people got saved, and now you're loud and obnoxious and can do nothing better than tell people to shut up." i was so upset i ended up in the councelor's office for the rest of the day. if that's not bad enough, the next day he wouldn't allow me in his class, so i sat in the office. this was all followed by my entire latin class being called to the vp's office, and then, 2 days later, my parents, the principal and vp, councelor, the teacher having a meeting. i think my parents scared him shitless. definately made me feel better. hmmm...what else has gone on? i got a hair cut the other day...uber punky...i'll try to get some pix of the new do up soon. doing my whole work thing for the rat is paying off pretty well. tomorrow i'll have my first full paycheck under me. i think i worked 32 hours? for two weeks...not too impressive, but i'm happy. i skipped school yesterday so i could sleep in. spent the whole day w/ my love, and went to the skillet concert that night. i was in the very front, and i actually got to touch john cooper. skillet makes me happy....they rocked so hard!!!! saturday i'm going to my first local ska show. i didn't even know that hattiesburg had ska...ska makes me happy, too. can't wait!!! btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!! sorry you're so far away right now. party hard w/ all ur dr. friends in washington. i love you!

9 February 2005//: i really abhor mississippi weather. it's so random, so i stay sick all the time. today is a perfectly good example. it was overcast, so dark you just new it would rain all day, and it was also very cold. by noon, it was sunny outside, mid 70's. Right now it's muggy and overcast. MAKE UP UR DAMN MIND WEATHER!! ::cries:: i want to go live in a desolate desert. at least then i'd know it would be hot all the time. i got an email from ed. the sweetest thing ever. i love you so much eddy! you're great like frosted flakes!

8 February 2005//: ::Does happy white girl dance:: today was fat tuesday, and senior skip day, and guess who sat their ass at school? u guessed it, m. tizzy herself. but YAYYYYYY BASKETBALL!! i went to my first high school basketball game tonight, and i realized how much i regret not going to more stuff for my school. it was a really close game, we lost, but it was still nice to see friends go all out like that. then, on the way home i almost got hit by an 18 wheeler. very not cool. i can only imagine how o'possums must feel after almost getting hit by my pony....poor lil' bugger.

7 February 2005//: Who knew html could be so....freaking confusing? LoL. I'm working it out little by little. So, let's was pretty spiffy. I went to school as usual, slept during class... as usual. Went to band practice, so exciting. Came home and violated Ed in every way possible...that was a/b it. I redyed my hair, my roots were showing ick. Now my fingernails are all purpley. I guess I can always tell people I have some kind of disease. ;)
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