Mechanical Design: Keeping the ultimate target of creating a team of robot which can beat Human Soccer team in World Soccer Championship, we have included pneumatic actuators like, Pneumatic Atificial Muscles (PAMs),in our design for their high efficiency and resemblance to human body architecture. Using pneumatics in a small or conjusted area is very hard, since pneumatic valves of that small size is unavailable and difficult to make, hence we have designed our own handmade pneumatic solenoid valve which is both smaller and easier to construct. Structure of the robot is made of stainless steel to withstand the weight of valves,battery,pump,laptop,sensor and circuitries. The steel structure is properly welded by gas welding. In near future we will use small pneumatic cylinder to increase speed and decrease dependencies on the pump.
Fig: Welded steel robot structure can withstand high load. Each joints consists of two bearings which gives smoother rotation of each joints.
Fig: Robot leg fitted with pneumatic muscle.
Fig:   A entry and release valve conneted with the pump. Each of these two compartment valve can control two muscle at a time. In the figure the yellow vale is the entry valve and transpaent valve is the release valve.
Fig:  An adjustable  Pressure control valve to quick release air as compartment pressure of each valve has reached its maximum limit.
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