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The island is a volcanic mass with mostly plains on the western part and mountains on the eastern side, rising in the south to Mt. Malindig at 1,157 m. It has 17 outlying islets, mostly in the north, but the more familiar ones are in the southwest:
the Tres Reyes named after the biblical Three Kings and the Elephant Island resort. The province has two pronounces seasons: dry from December to May and wet the rest of the year. It is occasionally on the path of typhoons. Marinduque has a lot more to offer. There are endless stretches of beaches covered with sands ranging from white to gray. The isolated coves and uninhabited islets are some sites ideal for a wide range of water sports. Explore underwater caves, catch the year-round winds in sailboard or you can snorkel their fringing reefs or dive walls of soft and hard corals. Moreover, to soothe muscles and nerves after, the choice is there for a relaxing dip in natural-sulfur or freshwater hot springs. 

Marinduque is popular for the Moriones Festival. A unique and lively Lenten custom featuring masked men, called "morions", dressed in colorful costumes in resemblance of Roman soldiers. The festivity is about the story of Longinus reenacted in pantomime and held during the entire Holy Week. Another gem of the province is the Kalutang. It is composed of a band of local practitioners that has perfected the art of producing crisp melodies that blends with the synched, catchy rhythm boosted by the booming bass. Each musician holds in each hand the end of special chosen branch of the kwatingan tree found on the island, carefully cut to the musicianís specifications.
Ipod Nano
I will show you how to complety disassemble the Nano Ipod

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Ipod Classic
I will show you how to complety disassemble the Ipod Classics

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