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Malware, Spyware Removal Tips!
Maskrider2001.vbs (vbs_solow.c) ProRat.256 a virus from philippines,first i notice that i cannot double click my partition drive all i have to do is to right click it first then open and after few days after few days there is an error in my registry, so i search for a registry fixer and a good anitvirus.

Brontok virus is from Indonesia, i notice this virus infect the computer first before and it will prevent you from running Registry Editor. Most obvious way to know that you've been infected by Brontok virus is when your computer starts up, you'll get an error messsage saying that it is unable to locate the file "Kesenjangan Sosial.exe" and also.
there are many type of virus i have encountered since i was running internet cafe. you could prevent being infected by a virus by contiuos updating your antivirus software.

on surfing the interent you are not safe in the malicious program (virus) it will automatically installed on your pc, i reccomend you to make sure your firewall is on and your antivirus was updated. installed also internet security software it will make you free from any malicious programs.

Anti-spyware software is only as effective if it is recently updated because its inherently reactive treating "known" threats. I advice you when you install anti-spyware software, immediately go to the vendor's web site and update the program and definitions and then turn on the auto update feature.
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