Butterfly Life Cycle
Butterfly Life Cycle

       The Life cycle of Butterfly is Fascinating.  Some days after the eggs is laid, usually on the lead or bark of a carefully selected host plant, a larva emerges to become one of the smallest eating machines.  it usually makes short work of its eggshell from which it had emerged, and, after it has finished this off, it goes on to a more complete set of nutrients from the plant that the species feeds upon.
       The larva almost constantly eats and as this small creature becomes bigger; its skin becomes too tight.  It sheds its old skin numerous times as it grows, sometimes even changing into new skin with colors different from the previous.
       After 15 to 20 days this voracious eater will then initiate a regime to change into the next stage, becoming a pupa.  This is truly an amazing process.  The caterpillar selects a suitable place to rest.  This area could be on the same plan that it has spent its entire life feeding as larva, or it may be far up an entirely different tree or bush away from predators.  The butterflies lay their eggs for about 300 eggs and then whole cycle of life and one butterfly will laying 20 to 30 eggs everyday but it has not totally all survive, almost 70% to 80% only will survive.

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