Butterfly Education
Butterfly Education

       In response, many people have begun work to preserve the natural areas that still exist and to restore other areas that once served as home to wild animals and plants.  A beautiful and fun to do that is to plant a butterfly garden. For people, like you who are interested in insect butterfly garden is an easy way both to see more butterflies and to contribute towards their conservation.        
       A butterfly gardener reaps many rewards. People usually enjoy the same colorful flowers butterflies prefer, so a butterfly garden can win compliments from you and your neighbors. If you plant a butterfly garden where there used to be lawn, there is also less grass to mow, which means less work with the lawn mower as well as less air and noise pollution if your mower runs on gas. Butterflies like of different plants, so creating a garden adds biological diversity to your yard. Butterflies also often like native plants. Butterflies themselves are an important part of the ecosystem, and can pollinate many plants.
       On cool sunny mornings, they often bask on a rock to warm their muscles enough to power flight. Males are often territorial, chasing other males away and trying to attract females, and females often have elaborate routines for choosing where to lay their eggs. Next year, include its favorite plant in your garden.
               To get the most out of your garden, be sure to include both caterpillar food plants and butterfly nectaring plants. Having caterpillar plants in your garden means butterflies are more likely to linger and explore possible sites to lay eggs. It will also increase your chances of observing both mating and egg-living behaviors, as well as the complete butterfly life cycle from egg adult.
               Your butterfly garden can be any size, from a window box to a portion of your landscape yard to a wild untended area on your lot. You can include native plants, cultivated species, or both, you can inquire first to butterfly gardener specialist.

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