Learn How to Disassemble Ipod, Mp3 Player & Mp4 Player
Installing Click Wheels

  • Carefully insert a small flathead screwdriver in the seam between the metal casing and white plastic bottom Use the screwdriver to pry up the white plastic bottom bezel. Be careful not to damage the soft plastic with your screwdriver.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the metal retaining bracket beneath the bottom bezel. You can free the bracket by first pushing in the metal arms on the corners and then lifting the bracket
  • Lift the metal retaining bracket out of the iPod.
  • Use a spudger or the tip of your finger to carefully disconect the orange click wheel ribbon from the logic board.
  • Use a spudger to pull back on the small black plastic tab holding the click wheel in place.
  • Continue to pull back on the black plastic tab, use your other hand to press down on the click wheel, and begin to slide it out of the iPod.
  • It's important to press down on the click wheel as you slide it out. Otherwise, the click wheel could be scratched by the iPod's metal casing.
  • Continue to slide the click wheel out until it is free from the iPod.
  • You have successfully removed the Click Wheel. To reassemble your iPod, simply follow the directions in reverse order.
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