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Netmate is a Internet cost monitoring program for UK Internet users. netmate gives you the
opportunity to save all calls made to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Netmate will also
give you the option to receive warning on exceeding a set time for each internet connection
or on Exceeding your monthly Budget.

Netmate Features include: - 

  •   Save and display each connection duration.

  •  Save and display each call cost.

  • Time connected.

  •  Time disconnected.

  •   Auto save every call cost, duration, time and date.

  •   Display call costs and duration on disconnect.

  •   Update monthly internet time.

  •   Update monthly cost.

  •   Receive Warnings on exceeding daily connection time and cost.

  •   Receive Warnings on exceeding monthly budget.

  • Save and reset monthly totals.

  • And many more. 

Try netmate free of charge for 30 days.

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