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Traditional Art  Forms




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Neta Art is a small group of aboriginal style artists directed and tutored by head artist Neil Morris from the south-eastern part of Queensland Australia.

We have developed a reputation for promoting, encouraging and expanding public awareness of Aboriginal art and culture.

The art designs vary greatly in style from one area to another, from the art of Far North Queensland with it’s ‘x-ray’ style or ‘crosshatching’ seen on bark paintings, to the ‘dot’ or ‘sand’ paintings of the deserts of Central Australia.

Neta Art uses a combination of these various styles to share our understanding of the Aboriginal culture. This is through both contemporary works on pottery, eggs, canvas, paper and stone as well as paintings on traditional wooden products such as didgeridoos, music sticks and boomerangs. We also help you to quickly discover how to interpret some of the ancient symbols used and through our expressive work, help you to enjoy this unique art form.

Neta Art also provide, through this website, other "paths" to understanding Australian Aboriginal Art and Culture. You are welcome to go on "walkabout" through the links to many other informative websites.

Some of the exhibits are quite large so please be patient when downloading We assure you that your patience will be rewarded. Thankyou.



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