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~Welcome to the House that Nesz Built ~

All are welcome but only few are chosen. I'm a very aggressive out going Libra. I believe that spirituality and knowing ones self is the key to happiness. I love water,(think i was a mermaid in my former life) I like to be in it or near it.  I love anything beautiful. I also enjoy magnificent views (scenery), brothers who offer stimulating convo, being totally pampered, walks in the parks,(in the rain) watching sunrises, candlelit dinners and poetry which I also write. So if your in the mood to meet a intriguing sister drop me a few lines. Until then have peace in life and love in your day. May the heavens walk with you.
Now for my favorites.

Favorite Color: Asian Blue
Favorite Frangrance: Jean Paul Gautier'
Favorite Music:  R&B
Favorite Food:  Sushi
Favorite Drink:  GranMarnier, Apple, & Mamgo  Martini's
Favorite Movie:  Soul Food
Favortie Car:  Lotus
Favorite Flower:  Wild Orchids
Favorite Place: Anyplace where I can be pampered)
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